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F-1 Student Visa

Are you planning to move to the United States and pursue higher education?, or are you wondering about the school system for your children in the US? F-1 Student Visa is the right visa for you. 

An F-1 visa type of nonimmigrant visa for those wishing to study in the U.S. This visa will enable you to enter the US to attend a university or college, high school, private elementary school, or other academic institution. 

F-1 visas cannot be granted by any other authority or organization. However, reputable organizations in the US can be used to extend stays or change the applicant's status. You should start applying early because the visa process is strenuous.

Benefits of an F1 Visa

Because there is no cap on the F1 Visa, unlike the H1-B Visa, all students who have successfully applied and meet the requirements can obtain this Visa.


If they are accepted into a better school, students may also transfer to any other institution. Students with F1 visas are able to do a variety of other activities that they will need to do while they are in the US, in addition to living and studying there lawfully. like opening a bank account, obtaining a driver's license, and freely entering and leaving the US at any time.

Change in visa status: F1 visa holders have the option to change their visa status if they land a job that calls for a different kind of visa. 

Extend the duration of your stay: Typically, the F1 visa is valid for the time period specified in the I-20 form or for the duration of your course. You may, however, request an extension of your student visa if your visa does not permit you to remain for the entire period of your study.

We at The Law and Mediation Office of Alicia Khoo offers assistance to your F-1 Student Visa application and provide comprehensive legal service that will make the your application easier. 

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