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EB-5 Visa Application Funding Source

It's not simple to complete an EB-5 visa application, and even gathering the necessary paperwork might be difficult. You require an experienced lawyer who can assist you at every stage of the process because of this. Documentation of the source of your finances, which the government requires to confirm that your funds come from a legal source, is one particularly difficult stage. Depending on your source of funding, the documentation we initially advise you to provide is shown below.




If you received the money from a business, you must present the following proof to show that the money was legitimately obtained.
1. The latest three to five years' worth of tax returns.
2. An accountant's audit of the company's financial statements,

with a focus on confirming the source of cash.
3. Account statements from the bank where the money was deposited.
4. Business License Copies
5. Images of the business
6. Copies of any further legal or business records: A brochure, a catalog of

products or services, a business card Municipal Licenses or Permits.

Alternately, you must present the supporting papers if you bought the money through stock market investments.
1. Statements for brokerage accounts.
2. Proof of the origin of the initial stock market investment funds with documentation that is comparable to that described for other sources of funds.

Similarly, if you obtained the money from the sale of real estate:
1. Proof of legal ownership.
2. Sale agreement - transfer of ownership rights
3. Proof that the money from the sale was deposited into a bank account to show where the money came from.
4. The accounting firm's confirmation that the client has ownership rights to the sold property.

And finally, if you were given the money:
1. An affidavit from the present-giver attesting that the money is a gift. You can rely on our help to draft this affidavit.
2. Complete evidence that matches the source of the gifts' funds, as described in the section on alternative sources of funding.


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