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Introducing our law firm

Ally the Lawyer: 

Available for consults on Zoom, Skype & FB Voice Call.

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Alicia Khoo,

Attorney & Mediator

In the years I have worked for various law firms up till I became an attorney, I have been on the frontlines working with clients from the moment they walk through the door till the day their cases are settled, handling intake, document preparation and filings, and appearing with clients before USCIS as an interpreter. I also assisted on high-conflict divorce cases and business disputes as a law clerk, and eventually, a mediator. 


The three things I find that people want from their lawyer are: 1) Your case is important to me; 2) I am paying attention to you; and 3) I am working diligently to solve your problems.

The core values of my law practice are Compassion, Service and Integrity. I believe in transparency, no hidden fees, and being non-judgmental. Transparency means I will assess your case and provide you with what I think professionally is the likelihood of success. No hidden fees will be in our retainer because I will take the time to sit down and explain our contract with you. Being nonjudgmental means I provide a safe space for you to share the details of your case and situation, without any shame, blame or guilt, only listening with empathy.

As an attorney, I am your ally fighting alongside you, for you, with you. I am your advocate who represents you. 


As a mediator, I am your bridge and buffer between both sides to come to a resolution, so both sides can move on to build peace in their lives.

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Law Practice Sectors


Immigration Law & Human Rights

With 15 years of experience in preparing clients' immigration and human rights cases in law firms and in front of USCIS and Political Asylum officers.


Family Law Mediator

Member of Mediators Beyond Borders and a Volunteer Mediator at Orange County Superior Courts, a listening ear with compassion and building bridges to reach the best compromise during family conflict.


Business Law & Mediation

Attorney for Contract Law, serving business owners and start-ups. DRPA- Certified Mediator for Contract Disputes, Partnership Conflict and Succession Planning.



Certified Neutral Person (DRPA) to arbitrate over domestic and international business disputes in over 163 countries under the New York Convention.

Excellent, thorough & detail-oriented. 


Alicia helped me with my immigration paperwork and was excellent -- very thorough and patient in answering my questions! 


- Sha, TX


Five Star Review Verified by Avvo 

Beyond everything.


She is the best. Where the was no hope for me she have shown me the way. It was amazing consultation with her. She answered my question with details very helpful.

-Maher, Bangladesh


Five Star Review Verified by Avvo

Specializing in Immigration and International Business Law. Serving Clients Globally.

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